Who We Are,The Heart and Focus, Our Vision, Our Commitment.

We give God all the praise and glory for guiding you to our home page and we thank you for being obedient to the leading of the Holy Spirit.

Who We are: My name is Ron Jernigan. My family and I reside in Deltona, Fl. I am a graduate of Zoe University located in Jacksonville, Fl. where I recieved my B.S. of Theology. I am also, a graduate of Rhema Bible school, Teen Challenge International (mens training center of central Fl.) and Chuck Colson's Prison Fellowship.

I am married to an awesome woman of God,Betzaida. She faithfully served in the United states Navy for 6 years and recieved an honorable discharge in 1995.She is a graduate of Rollins College University of Orlando, FL. where she recieved her B.S. in Accounting and an additional 30 hrs in Psychology also a graduate of Dr. Steve and Cheryl Ingrams IMI school of ministry, Daytona Beach, Fl. and a graduate of Teen Challenge International. We have been blessed with three awesome children: Eliashib James, Zechariah Mikael and Daniyel Jacob.

The Heart and exclusive and primary purposes for which this corporation is organized is solely for religious ones, to wit: to spreading the gospel of Jesus Christ by way of evangelizing, educating and counseling individuals, married couples and families who are struggling with drugs, alcohol and adverse circumstances of every day life. This ministry is committed to provide in a loving discipline manner, an opportunity for each individual to overcome drugs and/or alcohol addiction and reconcile their life’s with God, family and friends by the building of healthy positive relationships based on a scriptural foundation.

Our Vision:

To convey the basic understanding of what it means to be loved by God; to know that you are a person of worth in the eyes of God no matter what you have done; to know that others who have experienced the love of God in their lives care and love you.

To teach the principles of the gospel and how the gospel provides a solid foundation for living a life of meaning and purpose; to show how the scriptures provide a practical guide for living.

To help you apply the gospel to your life and help you make the transition into the new life as a born-again believer of Jesus Christ.

To provide an ongoing support system for those who want to continue living a Christian life in a world full of conflicting values.

Our Commitment: To root out, pull down and destroy everything the great whore and her harlot daughters (Rev: 17) have done in producing a lukewarm generation of non-believing, church going idolaters. To come against the present darkness that prevails where there is no true vision of the Lordship of Jesus Christ.


Whether it is a life of crime or drug and alcohol addiction, we believe that it is all related to sin and if the sin issue is not dealt with in an individual life, then they will continue to be held in bondage and eventually die in their sin. We believe that in order for one to become totally free from the bondage of sin they must first come into an understanding of three spiritual truths.

1. One must clearly understand that they must give back to God what is rightfully His. That they have robbed Him of a prized possession. That they have cheated Him and must repay Him with the only thing He desires, and that is the surrendering of their heart back to Him and allow Him to be their loving Father. This is called the proccess of Restoration.

2. One must clearly understand that they can not obtain a relationship with God based on their own merit. God accomplishes this process by exercising His grace towards sinful man on the grounds of the death of His Son alone. Until a change of heart takes place they are condemned, exposed to Gods wrath. This is called the Reconciliation process.

3. One must clearly understand what the "New birth and being born again" is all about. They need to be transformed by Gods Word in spirit, soul and body. This is called the Regeneration process.

God Is Doing A New Thing In The Lives of His People And In The Earth

I believe that the Church is in the most exciting time of its history. I believe that God has begun to shake the foundations of traditions and religiosity. As we read throughout the scripitures, we can understand that God has been trying to get one major truth across to mankind. That He IS love in the puerest since and that He is a God of "RESTORATION". The men, women and children who are being held in bondage to sin need their relationship with with their heavenly Father restored.

WE NEED YOUR HELP! We covet your prayers. "Being careful for nothing; but in everything by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests be made known to God".

We would like to hear from you. If you have a loved one incarcerated or struggling with drugs and or alcohol please sign our guest book or e-mail us. May the God of Abraham Issac & Jacob richly bless you.

Attention!!! We have a new web page under construction and will be posted to the web once it has been completed. We will post our new web address soon.

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