SUBJECT: SCIENCE- A brand new penny and ionic transfer
MUSIC - Rhythm

This week we went off on our own with a couple ideas that we had as well as one suggested by Jane Lambert creator of Five In A Row.

The children were each given a lemon to roll and squeeze in preparation for the lesson. The lemons were then sliced and the juice squeezed into small cups (dixie cups work great). The children were then instructed to drop their allotted pennies into the cup. We left the table to begin reading the story and would return to the experiment and find a neat surprise.

We read half of the story which took about fifteen minutes (reading slowly and talking about the pictures which gave the experiment the needed time). We then returned to the table and to the squeals of excitement as the children retrieved their pennies from the lemon joice. It was explained that the citric acid in the juice removed the copper oxide on the pennies. Which in laymen terms means that the pennies were shiny and new! <BWG> Some were note completely submerged and therefore produced uneven levels of dull and shiny. There were crescent shapes and all sorts of other neat designs

Next, the children were given a nail to drop in the joice. We explained that after we finished reading the rest of the book there would be another surprise waiting in their cups for them. We went into the next room and read (one mommy was standing by making sure the experiment was working. At this time I must tell you DO NOT USE GALVANIZED NAILS!) as soon as the experiment was ready we all returned to the table. Unfortunately for us the nails we had were galvanized and so we had to wait a really long time for this experiment to work. The nails had "grown" copper on them, or, ionic transfer had occurred. This happens when the citric acid causes the copper on the pennies to loose it's ability to hold on to the copper oxide. When this happens the copper oxide must reattach its self to the nails.

Snack time and playtime were next on the agenda. We snacked on Lemon Popcorn and homemade Lemonade. The popcorn was made by grating two tablespoons of lemon peel (which the kids tasted and exclaimed their dislike of) into the oil before popping the corn. We explained how the essence of the peel had a very strong flavor and so it is very good for use in cooking and baking. The lemon popcorn was a great success and the kids (and mommies) loved it!

After snack and play it was on to the next lesson in musical rhythm. The children all sat around in a circle and taught about musical measurement: whole note, half note and quarter note. Each note was given an animal name to represent it. After practicing the counting for each note by clapping they stood and "acted out" the notes as animals.

Tiger whole note roar or counts 1,2,3,4
Elephant half note trunk up for 1 count and down for 2nd count(arm is placed in front of face to resemble a trunk, up and down)
Kangaroo quarter note 4 quick hops or 4 quarter notes

The kids had great fun with this and caught on quickly. Each child was then asked to think of a song and do the motions for it with the "animal notes". Then they did snaps and claps as their musical instruments. After the great renditions the kids performed, I would say we have quite a few budding musicians in our midst!

We all had a wonderful time this week and no one wanted the day to end.

I have linked you to the FIAR ARCHIVES for Lentil as well as to the site of a fellow FIARer Susan Bryant who has created some wonderful resources for this book and many others.

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