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Babar: To Duet Or Not To Duet by DeBrunoff

This caper will be presented a bit differently than past capers have. These activities were done by myself and my sons. We are posting them here to give you an idea of what can be done using the FIAR manuals plus your own additions.
I will try to get a copy of the reproducibles up here as soon as possible. Otherwise you may email me and I can send a copy to you via snail mail.


Here are some of the things we did:

For geography I asked the boys to find a place on the map for their "Celesteville". One of my sons
decided that since elephants live in Africa that we should choose the continent of Africa. He then
chose the middle area which was the area of Chad since this was in the grasslands and quote
"the elephants need lots of grass mom!" They drew Africa and outlined and labeled Chad. Next
they put "Celesteville" underneath. They then decided that they had to make up a flag for
Celesteville. They designed the cutest flags with a clip art picture of an elephant in the middle
and clip art peanuts in each corner (TEE HEE). They are wonderful maps and I will try to scan so
you can all see what a great job they did as well as give you an idea of what it looks like.

Checked out the following books as resource books from the library--


-The boys drew and labeled their own drawings of an elephant then we made elephant masks
out of paper bags (I will post the website for this!)

Picture Library Elephants by N.S.Barrett

African Elephants by Roland Smith (an Early Bird Nature Book)

Stand Back Said the Elephant I Think I'm Going To Sneeze by Patricia Thomas

The Circus Baby by Maud and Miska Petersham

The Right Number of Elephants by Jeff Sheppard

(this is a counting story book!)

Tons of Babar books including the 11 we own!

Sound/Hearing/The Ear/Music

--We made a pair of big ears and "My Little Sound Book" using pics that I had out of a teacher
resource book on our senses. They also drew pics in their books of things that make noise and
four examples of Onomatopeia. I also found some neat pics of the inside parts of the ear in a
Grolier book that I had on the shelf which showed each part of the ear in great detail but simple
enough for them to be able to understand. I copied the pics and the boys traced the path of
sound through the outer ear to the brain.

Science Fun With Drums, Bells, And Whistles by Rose Wyler

Sound FunDamentals (Funtastic Science Activities for Kids ) by Robert W. Wood

--One activity out of this book uses drinking glasses filled varying amounts of water creating different pitches in sound. Next we played Twinkle
Twinkle Little Star, we really had fun with this and the kids also learned measurement through
the amounts of water we needed in each glass (another Fraction lesson!)


The Orchestra by Mark Rubin and Alan Daniel

Meet The Orchestra by Ann Hayes

What Instrument Is This? by Rosmarie Hausherr

Musical Instruments from A to Z by Bobbie Kalman

Eyewitness Books: Music by Neil Ardley

--The boys and I pretended we were each a different part of the orchestra, we even walked in at
various times (IE the musicians during warm up, we warmed up, the conductor coming in last
and then his turning to the audience for bows, etc. ) We must have done this for hours but had
great fun. We played great classical music in the background while we did this. I also explained
how the conductor uses his hands for certain things (guess the years of college study werent
wasted right!)They loved signaling each of the "sections" as to when to come in, etc. My only
disappointment was that among all of my hubby's and mine classical music collection no
Haydn, we will remedy this!! WINK WINK I did find a couple midi's online and will link those
on my webpages.
We talked about Haydn, looked at pics, etc.

My middle son began piano lessons yesterday and when he was practising today realized on the
bottom of his workbook there was a duet for each weeks lesson! Of course he wanted to hear
them! Gosh, I really need to brush up on my playing! Tee Hee

Fraction Fun by David Adler ( I purchased this a couple years ago at the local Teachers Supply
Store) In this book there is a wonderful explanation of pizza math using paper plates which we

Days of The Week print out sheet--this has fill in the blanks where the children do a different
day of the week each line IE:
Monday ____________ Wednesday Thursday _______
also used the song that we have song for a couple years courtesy the Barney show. You all know
it if your kids watched Barney years ago when it began!
The Kids also made there own calendars using blank calendars from my MSword program.
They were to fill in the days of the week then the date. If you use Saxon Math you have access to
the blank calendar just white out the days of the week!

Geometric Shapes:
The boys quickly identified all the shapes and then some in the story.We used graph paper to
make geometrical designs along with our pattern blocks.
I then used the graph paper to again reinforce the fractions we had studied showing them how
we can color in squares on the graph paper to make fractions.

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