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The Millenium

The purpose of this page is to bring end time awareness to the body of christ. as we reach the new millenium, the clock of prophecy tics. bringing with it chaos, which this century has never seen. I do want to mention before going on further, the intent of this page is to bring awareness to the body of christ. the contents of this page are well researched and are facts that many in the christian world may not be aware of. the lord has given me this vehicle to bring the most startling facts about the end times. as christian we must stay abreast of the events unfolding in our very rapid changing world. I would like to stress that the contents on this page are not exagerated or are they intended to alarm. nor are they a dooms day tale. these are facts which only few are addressing. It is my prayer that the facts conveyed on this page will prepare us for the future.

God bless you all!

Year 2000

It is December 31, 1999 Time - 11:59pm.and 59 seconds. then
suddenly Silence fills the air. the power is gone. no electricity. no water, the phone line is dead, air planes are grounded, freight lines are brought to a hault. our basic necessities are far from our reach. what is this about??? well,
this is a very possible scenario for the date mentioned above.
you see my friends we live in a world where every thing basically operates by way of computers. to make a long story
short and to avoid getting into the technical part of this very complexed issue, many computers around the globe were programmed with a flaw. the flaw is as follows: the first two digits of a given year are left out. that is why when we reach the year 2000,
these computers will roll back to the year 1900. and will spew out bad data and in the process corrupt other systems. banks and other institutions will lose there records in the process. anything which basically is operated by computer will be in some kind of disarray. for a better understanding of this issue I will strongy recomend the book (The millenium bug ) by Richard Hyatt. the situation which I have explained above is better known as (Y2K).I will urge every one to read this book. if you don't want to buy it well at least borrow it from your local library. we need to prepare along with our loved ones on this very important Issue. May God bless you all.

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