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Hello Fellow Saints,
My name is willie, I am 34 years of age and happily married.
I am also a parent and Love to make every moment count. I was born in New Jersey and raised in Brooklyn New York. being the son
of a christian singer, I spent a lot of time in church. although
singing was not my gift. from an early age God was molding out what would be my gift. but only time would bring this out to light. I grew up in a denomination which emphasized in days of observance and works. and very little was taught on the full atonement work of jesus on the cross. at the age of 22, I left
church and lost all interest. during a span of about 8 years I had nothing to do with church only that I would visit from time to time. how ever I really had no interest. but there was one issue I had been debating with in the depth of my heart and soul
this went on during these 8 years. the issue had to do with grace and works. was salvation based on works? or was it a gift of God? this debate with in my mind went on and on. I searched every scripture dealing with both issues. until one day reading the bible in the spirit, Galatians 3:19 resounded like a bell.I was convinced that the law had been a tutor until the seed should come to whom the promise was made. some time passed after this and I had no Idea where to go. I would not return to the church I grew up in, for reasons of doctrine. during my own studies and under the guidance of the holy spirit, I learned that the Gospel did not line up with there doctrine.

My wife began to attend a small pentecostal church which a friend had invited her to. my wife urged me several times to acompany her and our children. but I refused every time. I knew
I had learned the true Gospel under the holy spirit. because I had ask God to reveal the truth to me. but I was very uncertain as to what denomination I would be a part of. and I had no interest in the issue of congregating. I had lost trust in all
denominations. after several invitations from my wife. I accepted. my life would never be the same... I remember entering in this small church. I had never seen so many people so cheerful
just full of joy. you would think they had just hit the lotto.
well it was better than the lotto, because they were full of joy,
the joy that only jesus can give. I looked around. every one was so excited of being there, praising and praying. just about every one came over to greet me. and they were all so genuine. I enjoyed the worship and the word that night. the gospel I heard that night lined up with the word of God. I was finally home.. it was in this church that my gift was confirmed I had always felt this gift. but It was confirmed in the spirit some time after being a part of this church. the gift was....
the gift of discernment. it is only apparent when I am under the spirit. which is great, because it has nothing to do with me or
how I perceive things. Praise God for in him all things are possible.

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