Back Of The Room Income Source


David Copperfield has a secret.

It's called BOR which stands for Back Of the Room merchandising. After his shows, David Copperfield sells T-shirts and other souvenirs.

As a magician, you can sell magic kits, autographed pictures, T-shirts and books. Ideally, the merchandise will be personalized for you. You may sell a magic kit, but how much better if your picture is on the box. If you wish to sell a book of magic tricks, but how much better with your picture on the box?

The key to success in all sales is to take maximum advantage of selling opportunities. You may even find you make more money at the BOR table than performing at some gigs.


The BOR Manual: instructions and ideas to make your back of the room program successful whether you do stage, family show, birthday parties, speaking or restaurants. Inludes special techniques to sell your BOR to schools that book you for school shows.

Where to buy magic tricks, have posters and pictures printed and more. Many professional sources.

T-Shirts, Coffee Cups & More Where to have professional items designed for you at no cost. Instantly have a complete catalog of products bearing your picture or logo, at no cost. Purchase multiple or single items.

Personal Caricatures Where to get professional caricatures drawn from your photo and ideas, all by email.

Merchant Accounts How to accept credit cards in person, by phone or online. AVOID PAYPAL

PLUS: Complete instructions on ordering our low-cost personalized books and magic kits. Be an author.

INSTANT AUTHOR PROGRAM: We offer two great styles, either booklets for under $2 each, or professional paperbacks for under $3.50. Both feature your name and full-color picture on the cover as au- thor. Very professional looking.

PERSONALIZED MAGIC KITS: An inexpensive kit with great tricks packed in a clear professional shell box you can affix your label to. Includes Magic Butterflies, Rapid Addition Blocks, Mind Reading Cards, Fortune-Telling Fish and a booklet with over 50 additional tricks. Under $3.50 each, sell for $7.50 and up.
A PREMIUM MAGIC KIT: All the above along with linking ropes, ropetical illusion, liquid suspension glass and your picture and contact info on a premium white box. A $20 value for $7.50 each

Complete assistance and communication during the entire program.

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