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In 1991 my husband and I had been in our new home about 3yrs.. We were what is commonly referred to, as transplants, in this area. Prior we had lived in the S.F. Bay Area. (For both of us quite a number of years) We had come to the realization that there had to be more to life then the rat race we were in... We both had accomplished thru many years of hard work, positions in management at the Company we worked for. Making decent salarys, between us. I mention this only to help make it apparent what most people would call, irrational behavior on our part to uproot and come up here...

My mother had moved north, in 1987...We had been visiting her and decided to look around the area one weekend...

To try & make a long story short...We found some acreage in the country, with a big barn (1914), and a house that was perfect. We decided right then to make an offer... Within 6 mo. we had left our jobs (15 yrs each), making as I said 'good' salaries, moved to an area totally unfamiliar, not even a job prospect!!

It's not that we were trusting in the Lord at this point, either. We didn't even 'know' Him yet!

One way or another we made our way, but by 1991, we knew that something was missing. Times were of course rough and we were beginning to frey around the edges... We both had backgrounds attending church, in our youth, but hadn't in years... We 'felt' we needed to once again...

Looking back it is so apparent how the Lord has guided us, every step of the way! After searching & finding what we felt to be the right church home, for us... all the rest just fell into place...

The Gift of God is Eternal Life through Christ Jesus our Lord!

When we moved here my sons by a previous marriage came also. Jeff, my eldest son was on his own. Shae was a freshman in High School. Jeff had been attending church and had been witnessing to us for awhile. We didn't realize at the time, what his urgency was. Our salvation had never been an issue. Not something we even thought about.

We started attending church regularly and in 6 mo. came to know the Lord in a 'personal' way!! Our Baptism was such a wonderful experience!

My greatest revelation was that Jesus existed before time! That He spoke mankind and all into creation!!

Now during this time my mother was diagnosed with a rare cancer of the blood... She had been attending, church with us. Within in another short period of time, mother rededicated her life and was baptised (she passed away within the year after)

Shae my youngest was my greatest concern... He was headed in a 'dangerous' direction! ... I felt so 'helpless'... Then one night I prayed to the Lord to take him, protect him and guide him to the truth. . I kidd you not, Shae's rebirth (within a relatively short period of time) was nothing short of a miracle!!
Truly from darkness to 'light'!!

Also during this period of time, my cousin from Minn. came out to visit a few times & met her husband to be. He was already a christian. She is now, as well!

We continue to pray for Dale's daughter, Lisa & her family, that they too can come to the knowledge of our Lord's unconditional Love & Grace. To find His Peace & Joy for them...

Our blessing's will then be complete with all 8 of our grandchildren knowing the Lord! Our family is the perfect example of God's Mercy & Grace... He is truly faithful!!

Our prayers are answered! Lisa & her husband, Michael, have accepted the Lord and dedicated their daughters on Easter Sunday:)) The Lord is moving in a mighty way!!

Our family is a perfect example how the Lord can work, as in a dominoe effect... Between my son's & their wives, 3 children each... daughter & her husband, with 2 children... My cousin & her family, 3 children & of course my mother... Also Dale's mom in 2000 accepted Jesus as her savior, not long after her husband's passing... That is a total of 23!!! Totally awesome:-)

To Our Lord The Glory!!

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