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Greetings from The Adams Family! Michael and I have been married for 23 years, and we have three wonderful children. Jennifer is a college senior at Mount Vernon Nazarene College, Joshua is 18 and a high school senior,and is in involved with school drama, broadcasting, school choir,computers, loves the outdoors, likes to fish and likes to cook. Joel is 17 and a high school junior, he likes to play sports with NO contact, basketball, touch football, he loves to sing. Michael is an ordained elder with The Church of The Nazarene. We currently pastor in the West Point Church of the Nazarene, on the Akron Ohio District. Our family is very musical, we love to camp, spend time in the out of doors, some of our favorite spots are Niagra Falls, Cooks's Forest Pennsylvania, and our own church Meadow, and of course the beautiful Rockie Mountains in Colorado.
Donna enjoys working in the Kingdom along side of Michael. We believe in teaming in ministry. Although she is not called to preach, she does have a call to be a helpmate to Michael, and is available at his side. Donna leads the missions of the church and is also Women's Ministries director.
WORDS FROM DONNA:I have been blessed with something called Panic Disorder, and I say blessed, because God has given me HIS strength to get through and to help others who struggle with it. I am not ashamed nor embarressed by it.Sure it gets to me sometimes and it limits me, but my God is faithful to me through it all. I used to ask why me, why this, why now. But God has given me so much help, I don't question very much at all any more.
Panic disorder seems to be hereditory in my family. I am the second child of seven, the middle girl. Four out of seven of us have panic disorder today, we are all affected differently, but we indeed have panic disorder.
It would take me forever to even begin to write all the ways that God has blessed and helped me through this. He is a God of miracles, and I love him for that.
Panic disorder does NOT mean you are loosing your mind, it does NOT mean you have to be on medication all the is a chemical imbalance that causes one to panic for no reason. I have lots of information on it, and am looking for more...I praise the Lord for his faithfulness to me. To God be the Glory.
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We, as a family, work as a team in ministry, and we encourage other minsistry families to try being a team. It takes all of us doing our share to make it be what God intends for it to be.
Our family is very interested in helping to build the Kingdom of Christ, by obeying His commands, loving others into HIS kingdom. We are committed to do HIS will first and formost.


Being a pastor's wife, I knowthat the ministry life is very unique. There is no other life like it. I feel privileged and honored to serve with my husband in minstry. I love our church and our people! They are very special to both of us!
So many times, Pastor's wives feel isolated and alone, I do sometimes. So I would like to exchange prayer requests, ideas for special events, and just be able to encourage one another. Please feel free to give this address to YOUR pastor's wife....the church size, salary, denomination does not matter to me. We do need each other. And please know, that all prayer requests, and converstations between us will be kept between me, the Lord.
Maybe you are not a pastor's wife, but would like some ideas on how to honor yours, or how to help her...just email me please. I would be happy to assist you.
God Bless you.
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