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Below you will find a link to the new homepage of Genteel Girlhood at Titus 2 Ministry. The magazine is back in print, and sample articles are included for your enjoyment. Our pages will be changing frequently. You will find items of interest pertaining to the Victorian era. I would like to encourage young girls of today to search for the old ways, for you will find peace in them. Also please visit the various links on my site. I believe you will find them refreshingly different from the fast pace world we live in today. Let us strive to be the Proverbs 31 woman giving all glory and honor to the Lord Jesus Christ.

Greetings in the Heavenly Father!
Let me introduce myself, I am a 17 year old girl from Missouri. I am a homeschool graduate of 2001.Homeschooling has helped me to study the arts of being a Godly woman. There are many things involved in attaining this goal. I hope that we can share together as I learn. For together, we can achieve that attainable goal with the direction of the Holy Spirit. Come join in and lets learn and enjoy the blessings of being a genteel girl.
Here is a little history of "Genteel Girlhood." It was started as a newsletter to my pen-pals in Novemeber of 1998. "GG" is a quarterly magazine that goes out across the U.S. We share together on etiquette, recipes, stories, craft projects, prayer requests, tea parties, courtship, ect. I have brought "Genteel Girlhood" to the Internet in hopes that others may share in this forum as well. I hope you enjoy this site and make many new friends. I invite you to leave me a message.

God Bless You

In Messiah,
Emilee Elizabeth

Genteel Gardening

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