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I was on the Sands of Time...

The warped zone of never-never land is a place called TIME! It is a very special place that is a mystery to man but not to God. Many things happen in the zone that have no explanation.

It is a place that causes people to be late or early. To forget where they are to be or even if they are to be. The mystery that surrounds TIME has been with us since the beginning of TIME. And is the reason that so many things go wrong in some peoples lives.

It is the reason that many use when they are late for work. "The alarm clock didn't go off." And the reason for not handing in assignments, "I ran out of TIME." If they don't want to help with something or someone.."I don't have the TIME," is the convenient answer.

We are always competing with it. "Running against the clock, racing against TIME.." And with all the things that we blame on TIME there just isn't enough TIME in the day to do all that has to be done. This is probably due to the fact that "The Sands of TIME" just keep drifting away.

Hebrews 4:7 Therefore, God again set a certain day, calling it Today, when a long time later he spoke through David, as was said before: "Today, if you hear his voice, do not harden your hearts."

I Believe!

I won't listen to a thing you say,
I don't want to hear a word.
I talked to Him just yesterday,
If you could have only heard!
He spoke so warm and tender,
I clung to every word.
He spoke of our tomorrows
And told me not to fear.
He told me not to worry,
That all things come to pass
And that todays make our tomorrows
From this moment to our last.
How can you say my God is dead!
How can you lie to me!
I talk to Him each morning and
before I go to bed.
He is my whole existence,
He makes my every day.
You can talk to Him this moment.
Just go to Him and pray.

I've lost a friend.
I know not where,
Nor whom or when.
Just left with a fear.
Maybe yesterday
While shopping in town?
Was it there someone smiled
And I frowned.
Or in the library
While looking for books.
Was my friend there?
And I didn't look.
Was it on the bus?
Was someone crying then?
Was that where I lost
My would be friend?

The clock that ticks away the time,
The golden leaves that fall.
The wilting flowers - the crow's caw,
Calling away precious moments of mine.
Tearing away from me,
Everything that dies.
All my summer memory,
My past around me lies.
For awhile they were mine,
To know lovingly.
Now they are gone away with time -
Just vague memories.

Is it asking too much?
Reaching too far?
All I want
Is to touch a star.
A little sunshine,
Some cheerful laughter.
That's all I need.
That's all I am after.
Everyone needs some.
Just a ray or two.
A small rainbow
To help them through -
A lonely thought,
A day of sorrow.
One's enough.
But for tomorrow-
We need laughter -
A few rays of sun.
To brighten our day,
For day is done.

A Daisy

The yellow petals
Soft to see -
Soft to touch -
Are new to me.
Slim and pretty
A touch of velvet.
The center black -
Has seen no city.
Bathed in sunshine,
Covered in dew.
A delicate line
A golden hue.
A hand that's steady
A hand that's sure.
It must have been God
Who made it so pure.

I know that this is.
I know that it's so.
I know that this is how
The world must go.
It is written,
This I know
That all must come
And all must go.
Leaves are green
And then they're gold.
Turn to red - to die
I'm told.
Ever turning
Baby cries.
Ever yearning
Man dies.

The hardened cross
You know so well.
The meaning lost.
None left to tell.
Left to mold -
Pushed away.
The truth be told -
Bring back the stray.
Lift up the cross
It brings us tears.
Bring back the cross
So many years.
Lift up the cross
That shows the way.
The hardened cross
Directs the way.

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