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We are here to serve you through God!

Iconium Ministries is something that I am willing to do on a one on one basis to help you in anyway that I can to see His light, feel His love and know that He is always there for you.
I also offer online classes in such things as Reading the Bible in a year, and on subjects the how to be like the Noble Wife in Proverbs and working through a book on women of the Bible.
I have online support groups for situations such as, those of us with unsaved spouses and adult children, where we can get together and talk about what is going on in our lives and where to go with things. If I do not offer the support group you need, I will do my best to find one for you. I work with a lot of other online organizations that are ready, willing and able to help.
I also take your prayer and praise requests and work with other groups, some of whom I have links to here, in doing my best to get your prayer requests sent up by as many people as possible.
If there is anything I can do for you, any comments that you have or anything else at all, come to me anytime. There is a link to my e-mail address above. God bless you all
~in bloom in Him,

We are like beasts when we kill. We are like men when we judge. We are like God when we forgive. -Unknown

Just a few things that I want to leave you with.
First and foremost, we are His children, created in His image and we all have a purpose as His tools to do His bidding in our life times. His Son died on the cross for us! This is very important. We are the only Bible some people may ever read. Keep that in mind and look at how you are being read each day. That is an awesome task but one that has to be thought about before we do anything in any point of our daily lives. Just a simple e-mail to let someone know you are praying for them can do so much in helping them see His light and know that someone out there cares. Whenever you see people in your life, just picture them all having a sign around their neck saying, "I want to be loved and appreciated" and live accordingly.
Secondly, we all can do something to spread His word and help others to see His light and call Him Father. It is easy and wonderful to fellowship with other Christians. It is a lot harder to convince someone to be one. Remember who helped bring you to His light, whether it was a parent, a friend or someone you just bumped into once and never saw again. You can do the same thing. Look what an impact it had on you. You can leave a tract from your church just about anywhere from a public phone booth to a bus stop bench to a restaurant on the table with your tip. You can make your own tracts and leave them on grocery store bulletin boards. You can give someone a ride to services who couldn't otherwise get there. Anything you can think of can be done and it doesn't matter how many times it has been done already. On the contrary, the more times it is done the more family members in Christ we will have.
If there is anything that I can do to help you, feel free to come to me anytime. If you are a bit apprehensive to try and help others alone, then take a family member in Christ with you. If I can do anything from helping you get back on the road of our Lord to helping you see His light, just come and let me know. God bless and take care!
in bloom in Him,

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