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Greetings friends,
The other day I came to a shocking conclusion, words (better sit down for this one) mean stuff!!! Yeah I was as shocked as you. Further more, words in a sentence, or song, mean something too (Gasp!)!!! After I discovered this, I could feel the Holy Spirit, pulling me to do something, what I couldn't tell. The a little latter, I was listening to my favorite band, and I found myself thinking about the meaning (Do not try at home, Thinking may cause drain bamage). I then found myself analyzing every song I heard (all that thinking hurt my head). Bang, it hit me, that was what the Holy Spirit was trying to tell me. I decided to write a devotional that revolves around the Lyrics of todays hottest Christian bands (d.c. Talk, Third Day, Jars of Clay, etc., etc., ...), and try to explain how we can apply the message of the song to our daily lives.
If you would like to get this devotional, please click on the button labeled, "E-Mail" if you click on the one labeled My Personal E-mail, you will still get on the list, but the first one makes it much easier for me. Thank you for using it.


This devotional is totally free (Yes you read correctly, FREE!!). If you feel that you must pay someone for this devotional, then give a donation to your local church, or donate to a charity. above all else, learn and apply to your life what is included in the devotional. If I can help one person become closer to God, that is payment enough.

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