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All of my Devotionals are written by one of three people (currently). Their names are; Tony Arsenal (Myself, 10th grade), Justin Kimball (a close friend, 10th grade), or Dan Nimloss (another close friend, 9th grade).
Now you may be thinking "Cool I want to write devotionals!!". That is great, but I can't let just anybody write devotionals.
There are a few rules; 1)If you want to write full time, you must either know me personaly (not chat rooms, not e-mail, IN REAL LIFE) and attend North Heights Lutheran Church in Minnesota.
2)If you want to write one or two, I will review them and if I approve I will send them out and post them.
3)All devotionals are of a good christian message, hopefully fitting the theme of my devotional, and you can get that by hitting the "HOME" button on the left side of your screen.
4)I may allow a few others write full time, but I researve judgement.

Now, I don't do that to be mean, or judgemental, but you can't really know anyone till you have meet them in person.

I hope you understand.

My Disclaimer


All song are licenced and copywrited by the artist or their record label.

The author of the devotional itself will be posted somewhere in the message (usually the top or bottom.)
The devotionals are interpretations of the songs and do not represent the views of the artist or their record labels.

Unless otherwise noted, all bible quotes will be from the New International Version of the Holy Bible. (Not including the Apocryph, if you don't know that that is, nevermind).

Permission to use devotionals is given only on non-profit ventures on the devotionals written by Tony Arsenal, or Justin Kimball.

Thank you for your support, and God Bless!!

Not all of the links below are opperational, they will be soon though, comeback soon.

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