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From: The Pastorís Desk Tue April 24, 2007

Do You Need A Touch Of God's Wisdom Today?

Some days we are so busy with the run of the mill of our days we fail to realize that without a fresh touch from Heaven we are powerless until God breathes his Holy Spirit down on us so that we can operate in His Infinite wisdom. Because we can not operate in yesterday's anointing or how God created in you a miracle last year. Each day you will need more and more power and God doesn't always bless us in the same ways or will answer us as quickly.

We all heard "good things come to those who wait" or like the old Hunt's Ketchup song of the 60's...."Anticipation is making me wait".When we wait upon the Lord we gain a clearer understanding that God has and always will have an appointed time to bring things in our lives to pass.

And wisdom is there for the asking. We have not because we fail to ask. Why are people so afraid to ask God for things? He is not a give me only kind of God, He requires us to exercise our faith in Him to prove His Word will do as He says it will.

Faith without works is dead.... We heard that many times as well.Faith is an action word, it requires us to do something or say something and the results is answers to our prayers.

Wisdom is for helping us make wiser choices in life and not keep making the same old mistakes. We think and feel our ways through life and can't understand why things just never pan out right. Well we lack wisdom and we lean to our own abilities and understanding when God said we are not to lean in our own understanding but acknowledge Him in all our ways. To Whom or what are you leaning on and towards or is it based on in whom you think God is in? Such as is God only going to tell you what to do through them and he can't tell you.

If you are sincerely a Spirit -filled Believer, Child of God, the Lord can surely speak to your spirit man and tell you first hand what He desires you to do and exactly the answers you await. He doesn't need others to speak to you. Baby Christians do need a man or woman of God to teach them the Word, as you begin to study in your own personal time you will grow-up spiritually. Then you'll be mature enough with boldness and confidence that you can now witness what you know to others, and then lead them to Christ every where you go.

Since God is all-knowing and all-powerful why do we keep allowing the pressures of life to over power us when we don't have too? The Word of God says he will give wisdom to those who ask, so why don't we? It's okay to admit we don't know everything, we're to be teachable and in order to do that we have to learn something new daily as we begin to read God's Word daily so that we may contain more of His Word and with it come wisdom and his power. Some people think and believe that when we are filled at the time we were saved that is all there is to the Holy Spirit. But those people are deceived, you need a daily infilling to keep ahead of the wiles of Satan.

Your defense is God, his Word is your "SWORD" and faith is a shield and if you fail to obtain all the garments(the whole armor of God) given. At the time of a rocky storm and crazy winds stirring up you will be powerless and defenseless against all the devices of Satan. So if you are a person who feels you don't have enough wisdom or the wisdom God wants you to have, don't be afraid to ask God for more of His Wisdom and He will give to each of you just that.

God Bless
Pastor Dee Greetings to My Fellow Church Members & Visitors

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Transcript Message of JCCWOFC 10/2001


To Abide means....to tolerate, to bear, to remain, to last, to conform to, to comply with.

If you will abide in me, and my words abide in you, ye shall ask what ye will, and it shall be done unto you. (John 15:7)

But thou, when thou prayest,enter into thy closet, and when thou hast shut thy door, pray to thy Father which is in secret: and thy Father which seeth in secret shall reward thee openly.

Some of us will need to ABIDE in this Word more often these days because nothing will change the way we desire until we first become a SEEKER of IT. God said it will be DONE for us, but first we had to ABIDE In HIM. To abide meant we had to tolerate certain things, to tolerate is to have temperance (part of the Fruit of the Spirit) we may have to "LONGSUFFER" a little while but our BREAKTHROUGH WILL COME!, we may have to SMILE when we feel trampled upon or down trodden, be sweet when the opportunity presented against us speaks otherwise, "GENTLENESS" will have to come forth like the bright and morning star.
"LOVE" will have to PREVAIL when the enemy is upon our campground. Our Campground is every place that God said our feet shall walk on and it was ours to take. It could be your home, the job, your children birthed or adopted it makes no never mind we are More than Conquerors today because of the Blood of Christ.

"GOODNESS & MERCY" will have to follow us ALL our days thus will His Grace go before us when we least deserved it. God is a good God All the time.
You may have to FIGHT, okay so then do it, Do it NOW! Fight the good fight of faith folks that's the only fight we need to battle against. Other than that when we are ABIDING we shall OVERCOME!

What was, is not what will be, God is the one who will avenge our adversaries.(Luke 18:1-8) He will Break OUT, and cause us to BREAKTHROUGH! We're gonna come out on the other side if we don't DWELL THERE, For we walk by "FAITH" and not by "SIGHT". Just because you can't touch it doesn't mean it don't exist. ABIBE meant to remain (STAY FOCUSED & STAY UNMOVED) In 2 Chron. 20:12 says, O Our God, wilt thou judge them? for we have no might against this great company that cometh against us; neither know we what to do: but "OUR EYES ARE UPON THEE".

I'm not moved by what I see or hear I'm moved by my FAITH in GOD and the FAITH OF GOD shall stir me up. To Abide, means to LAST!!! You can't win if you RESIGN YOUR POST! Get back on duty it ain't over, the devil can not win if you refuse to give up any ground. If God said that every piece of ground our feet shall walk on was ours to take? IT'S REPOSSESSION TIME! Quit giving the devil your ground. FIGHT PEOPLE, FIGHT the good fight of faith and then you'll have the spirit of a a finisher.

The pains are real, the frustrations are real and mounting up daily but if you will abide, remain stable and fixed on this WORD, you will overcome your adversities, hardships, and I don't care if you're on welfare, God has an answer even for you. If he took me out of the system He'll remove you. He kept me while I was in it, but sooner or later that revolving door in my life had to come to a erupt HALT and so shall life's woes and heart aches surrounding you. people its time to Conform to the WORD not the world's way of thinking and being (See Romans 12:1-2)

Have a Blessed Week
Pastor Dee

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