Setting The Captives Free! (Isa.61:1-3)

Jubilee Christian Center Word of Faith Church

Setting The Captives Free! (Isa.61:1-3)
Revised 04/24/07

It's no accident that you found this page we are glad you're here. We are a supernatural church composed of supernatural people doing supernatural things, for we are co-laborers together with God.

JCC is a teaching and healing ministry as well as a conference and crusade ministry. Our Pastor Radena Fletcher founded it on June 23, 1990. Earlier that year the Lord had given her a vision for the ministry and it took nearly 7 hours to draw out everything the Lord had shown her that night.

By the time the vision was completed there were some 15 buildings upon the ministry grounds to include a private school grades K4-12th and a Bible College with dorms and varies other areas including a convention center to host the ministries we are in partnership with.

Since the very foundational start of this ministry we now have seen more and more of that vision coming into manifestation each year than ever before. We continue to grow and have things more abundantly so each and every day.In the past 2 years we have since added 2 more ministry outreach ministry doors: Tayah's Hair and Nail Express and Delta Financial Services. Coming in Feb 2007 we will be adding Angel Care One, its a service to the elderly community that is dear to our Pastor.

Since 1999 when our ministry grounds were rebuilt and business has resumed as normal once again. Jubilee keeps growing and expanding and constantly on the move. One of the more recent move in getting into a brand new building in the coming days with a new look and a new feel for our main church sanctuary. Change is always good and it certainly will benefit the community and us as a whole.

Among our older programs like the Academy, and the outreach programs like Bridge of Hope Nation-To-Nation a ministry program that targets Jubilee helping other ministries feed the hungry, homeless shelters and helping children cope being in a strange place not "called home". Even for adults sometimes the transition can be a difficult one and certainly not planned to have this occur.

Which is why we feel that Angel Care One is a vitally important part of the newest outreach so needed. Kids grow up and move away and elderly parents are left with no way to get to the places they need or trust to many people to help them get things done we have been seeking God on proper ways to extend a helping hand.

This area of ministry is also dear to the heart of our Pastor because she had a neighbor who couldn't remember things and got fearful and would come to her house with nothing more than a cardboard with her son and daughter's phone numbers on it and say can you call my daughter or call my son.

Though she knew to do that much she was often found wandering around in a daze unattended by people the family hired to stay with their mother the older woman felt they were out to get her shortly after that she passed away.

It's been on the Pastor's heart to open such a service and train the people to do the job correctly and always include God's wisdom how to help the older generation cope with changes but not let it control them. Time is something that have a lot of and time is what we aim to give them to show we care.

Our Pastor said "people don't care how much you know until the can see how much you can and we here at Jubilee care ". As the finishing touches unfold over th purchase of the new place and the Pastor's new home during the next coming weeks we feel this is something that will be greatly welcomed in our community and city and spread into other nearby cities as our services become widely known by the people we serve.

One of the thing we know is hardest for the older generation is rides to and from weekly church services and we want to prayerfully be the gatekeeper in that area and avail ourselves to helping provide those rides.

We also would like to avail ourselves to providing prayer and Bible services to them or offer Meals on Wheels, Rides to local stores, bill paying and the like because this is a needed service to those in need or home bound for any reason even the disabled people all around us and takes lots of love, patience and having a faithful commitment from all the members.

One of the most widely reviewed question we hear coming from people we have helped in 2006 still remains is " If I'm a Christian how can/could God allow such to enter into my life? My whole family is serving God, But I'm/We're tithers, I/We give regular offerings or special offerings for church projects,We sowed seeds of faith, I/We all worked on the usher board etc.

We continue to see the people of God who love the Lord hit every bit as hard as non-believers and require the same ministry of helps and to be guided back into a loving relationship with the Heavenly Father.

We're definitely an Outreach Ministry who stays forever busy, yet everything we do it's to always glorify the Father above all else.

Our Pastor, personally oversees everything within this ministry and hand picks the projects that she finds worthwhile and that there is a sincere need for it in the Body of Christ. Some projects aren't necessarily tabled they are more or less shelved until she gets a clearer understanding on how it will benefit the people as a whole both in the community and the world. If she can't catch the vision she doesnít move an inch.

Jubilee currently meets on Sunday at 10am & 7 pm and also on Thurs. at 7 pm. Our Teen Ministry meets every Friday at 7 pm & Sunday 1045am and at 7 pm. We'll located in Killeen, Texas approximately 25 minutes from the Ft.Hood,TX. army base.

If you desire to know more about the Outreach Programs or would like to contribute to any of our worthwhile outreach programs let the Lord lead you and contact us by email we'll be most happy and honored to reply.

About Our Pastor:

Pastor Fletcher originally came from Canton, Ohio and arrived in Texas July 25,1974 and has lived in the local area for over 25 years as well as other Texas cities. She is a graduate of Ellison High School Class of '79. She and her family still reside in the Killeen area. She is the grand-daughter of the late Elder William and Mamie Brown of Mt. Zion Church of God in Christ in Canton, Ohio.

She has always been in and around church since the age of 7 when a person came to their door in Wildflicken, Germany in 1969 and asked if they could attend Vacation Bible School and from then on she never left the closeness of the Lord.
The Bus Ministry is still a very important Outreach to our Pastor because if it had not been for that bus she never would of had the fellowship or relationship with the Lord and that's why she rounds people up from all over the place even states away from Texas to get them to these meeting.

Even though God can meet you anywhere sometimes it takes a willingness on the part of the person to step out in faith and meet the Lord the rest of the way and it's then that you find the greatest miracles in your lives taking place and what you truly needed from Him.

Pastor Fletcher believes if she can see it then it's a direct evidence that it really does exist. "SEE IT, SAY IT, TELL IT, BELIEVE IT, NOW RECEIVE IT", IN THE NAME OF JESUS ITíS ALL YOURS.
When she turns her face to the wall itís DONE! And she says as Pastor Benny Hinn said, at a 1998 Partner Conference "just let the done work do you". This ministry operates by, through and in faith and by the Word of God. Everything that it is today is due to that endurance and faith.

JCC has many areas of ministry to reach the average need of hurting people and those wanting a closer relationship with the Lord. Because of our partnership with so many anointed ministries their anointing rest heavily upon our lives and ministry.

JCC has a teaching ministry web site that will be update throughout 2007 if you see older ones please be patient.All our material is printable at some point in 2007 we pray to have 2 new books published to help the Body of Christ grow spiritually.

We will keep posting web links to all the ministries we are currently in partnership with. These are some awesome men and women of God that our Pastor received much of her earlier teaching. For those searching for a deeper and closer walk click onto those links and keep on digging. If you need to join a live church service JCC is not live however we do post our weekly transcripts from time to time and we encourage you to join Pastor George and Terry Pearson with Eagle Mountain International Church every Sun/Wed and 14forty teen ministry every Wed just go to Terry Pearson is Kenneth and Gloria Copeland's daughter.

In 2006 our Pastor has suffered 3 strokes and survived, they said she would not be able to walk again she does so freely or at times with assistance. They said she would never get out of a wheelchair, she did it. They told her she would suffer memory lost or the ability to speak, she speaks fine and oh you will have learning disabilities.

She went back to college on line less than a month after her second stroke enrolled in 2 classes and passed them both. Took one more class prior to other end of 2006 passed it with a A+ look at God.

She is headed back stronger than ever to the pulpit full of fire in 2007 we are honored to have her back. In 2004 they told her and her husband he has a inoperable brain tumor, he wouldn't die from it in a year or even 5 yrs from now and he's still with us praise the Lord we look forward to hearing him speak more in 2007 as well. We believe that you'll also be able to absorb the Word of God on a much deeper ground and know how to finally take authority over every situation in your lives right from where you are today.

Our mission is to teach the Word of God, and to bring healing through that same Word to those that are hurting. We want you whole and so does God. During all our crusades we believe in having a time set aside to bring the sick to Jesus and allow His healing power to heal the people be it their spirit, soul or bodies you can walk away totally healed, and freed of it and never have that sickness or illness come back upon you

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As with any ministry, if you desire to be fed, taught, healed, blessed and have a "perpetual party" this is your Year of Jubilee. And the year of more opened doors for you in 2007(Rev.3:8)

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