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Greetings to My Fellow Church Members & Visitors Follow my link to my group (The Delta Group)on wwww.prosper.com
It's a community of people lending to one another. Without all the fuss of banks and payday loans.
I formed this group to help people like you and me get to away from the high interest of credit cards, pay day loans, bill consolidations or just about any need you may have. Read over the group page click on my link above Jesus to Join it only takes a few minutes to sign up. This may be the answers to your prayers and the bankers NO!! Prosper shows you your ranking you really will not fully know for sure. Don't second guess where you stand complete the full registration for your financial situations.
Don't worry about the DTI(debt to Income) because until you are fully registered and have above a 520 Experian Score Prosper will allow you to place a loan request for 1000's of Lenders to place a minimum of $50 and up per bid on your loan request.
So why not take a few minutes and have a look around.(just because you see some groups with the 5 Stars doesn't necessarily mean they will allow you to join some of them "vet" you meaning they have very strict membership rules tell you to send them information hold up your listing and keep others from seeing it live on the internet and thus wasting valuable time and $50 and up in bids from Lenders ready to bid.
So We will get your listing up as fast as we can. All we ask of you is when you are fully funded wait for your listing to "Expire" on its own so lenders can start bidding down the current interest thus lowering it means lesser monthly payments for you over a 36 month period to living debt free.When you send your request tell me which yahoo group you read this it would mean a lot thanks.
See you there!!!! Pastor Dee

The Delta Group Join my group on Prosper, people-to-people lending

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