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This is your first paragraph! You can write anything you want in here! There should be a lightbulb to the left. Putting it there was simple. All the Clip-Art we have has been coded by us to make things easier. All I had to do was visit the Clip-Art Gallery (you will find links to it when you are editing your page), choose my first image, copy the code underneath it, and paste it into the [Image 1] Box.
This is your second paragraph! You can continue what you were saying in paragraph one, or not! Your second picture, googly eyes, should be to the right. I did the same as in the first paragraph, whereas I went to the Clip-Art Gallery and this time chose #9743 under the category [Eyes], and pasted it into the [Image 2] Box.
This is your third paragraph! Your third picture, a scary mouth, should be to the left, just like the first. Well, I think you get the picture by now (no pun intended!). For the mouth, I chose #8761 from the Clip-Art Gallery category [Faces] and put the code into the [Image 3] Box. There's almost no work involved, aside from finding the perfect picture!

Well, this was one of the many layouts that you can have for the real page that you will create. Keep in mind that virtually everything on this page can be edited by you to your liking, so enjoy it! Your links are in the left-hand column, although you can also put them at the top or bottom of your page. The bottom is where your Counter and your Midi Player go. You can also add a Search Box (like the one below) for visitors to perform searches on your site. It's done easily by using the Plugins. You may be wondering how we got those cool arrows in the above paragraphs; well, that's also done with Plugins, so check out the online help to learn how! Well, thanks for dropping in!
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