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So you want to use a border background? No problem! If you are the adventurous sort, you can do it!! This requires that you have your page put in a "table" where you have a space big enough on one side to show  your border and then the body of your page on the other side.  
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Table Instructions: (for a border background)

. Edit an existing page that you have put a border background on.
2. Click on "Edit Your Body"
3 . Where it says "Header" put this table code in exactly like this:

<table><tr><td><img  src="" width="100" height="0" border="0"></td><td>

. If your text still flows over onto the border, try making the width of the spacer.gif a little more than 100 and just take up a little at a time until you get the desired effect.
5 . Type the title of your page in the same box after the table code.
6. Type your text in as normal in all the other boxes, except in the last box after all your text is entered, type in this code at the very end (at the end of the "body text 3" box):


To give your page a consistency, you will also have to do this to your footer text.

1. From the "Edit your Page" area, click on "Edit the bottom of your Page"
2. Before any text in that box, type in the same exact code that you put in the "Header" box when editing the body of your page:

<table><tr><td><img  src="" width="100" height="0" border="0"></td><td>

Type in whatever you want at the bottom of the page.
4. Then at the very end of your content type:


That should do it!!  Enjoy your border backgrounds!!

How do I copy and paste text from one page (or program) to another?
A. This little trick comes in very handy when updating your web page. You can copy the information already in your web page over to a text program (like "notepad"). Place your cursor at the beginning of the text that you want to copy. Hold your mouse button down and drag it through the text until it is all selected (it will normally change color). Then you can do one of two things. First of all, you can go up to the "edit" menu at the top of your screen and drag down to "copy", then place your cursor at the point where you want to paste the text. Then go back up to "edit" and drag it down to "paste". -OR- you can copy by hitting "ctrl" and "c" at the same time, then  "ctrl" and "v" to paste. Those are called keyboard shortcuts. (In Mac, you need to use the "apple" key instead of "ctrl") Main Page | Member's Only | Email Help | FAQ | News | Contact

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