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Please note that both of these page creators are old, outdated and problems with the program itself are not normally "fixable" but we have some help pages here for some common questions that we can help with.

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If you acquired an email address with ILovejesus.COM in 1999 and before and  you need to change where your alias points, please fill out this form (That link will take you to an outside site.)  Please include your password and if you are requesting a deletion, please let us know whether or not you want to delete just the alias or your whole membership (web pages included)

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If you signed up AFTER September of 1999, you have a "cancel my membership" button after you sign in.  Please click that and it will cancel your membership. 

If you signed up BEFORE September of 1999 , please go to our contact page (this will take you to an outside site) and email us noting that you want to cancel your membership.  Please make sure you include your username and password. We canít cancel or make changes without that.  :)

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Note: If you joined before September 1999, you can still use the JLPC page creator if for some reason you can't (or don't want to) use the one above. Click the link below to access:
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