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If you are still using the "Jesus Lovin' Page Creator" (you would have had to join before September of 1999), then click here

Otherwise, if you have questions about the current page creator and how to do things, click here.

But which one do I use?!
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Some tips for members uploading their own pages:
1. When uploading your graphics and pages, make sure that everything is in lowercase. Unix systems are case sensitive. 
2. When  making your pages, it is helpful to store the html page and the graphics that you are referencing to in the same folder. It will create cleaner html code that way if you are using a wysiwyg (what you see is what you  get) editor. The reference to your graphics in your html code should look like this: <img src="filename.gif">
Then when you upload it to your directory, the browser will know to go to that folder  to retrieve the image to display.

3. There is now an html help page available at this address: Main Page | Member's Only | Email Help | FAQ | News | Contact

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