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If you need to update or delete your email alias, please refer to the front page of this section for links.

If you are having trouble with an ilovejesus.NET web based email address, please contact since that is ran by a third party service. We don't have access to member information or passwords.

If you joined before January 7, 2000, you have an alias with your username @  Here is some information about that:

Remember:This is an e-mail *alias*. That means that it is forwarded to your existing e-mail account. Your existing e-mail address has not changed, just  check your mail as usual and all mail sent to your address will be forwarded there.

Please remember our "No Spam" policy. Spam is sending out any kind of unsolicited e-mail. It is strictly prohibited and we cannot stress that enough.
Don't forget that if you change Internet Service Providers (in the process your email will change), or if you change your original email address for any reason, please let us know so your email will be forwarded to the correct place.

Using your email address in the "reply to" or "from" area of your e-mail messages...

Change the return address (or from, or reply to) setting in your email software to your new ILOVEJESUS.COM address. This information should be under the mail configurations, preferences, or options menu. Check your e-mail software documentation for more detailed instructions. Some email software labels the return address as "Your Email Address". This is the ONLY setting you should change. Changing  anything else may disrupt your email service.  Just make sure that you don't change the information that the browser needs to pick up your mail at your original email server. (the SMTP server, mail server, etc) Some email software products (or programs such as AOL) do not allow you to change your return address. In that case just put your ILOVEJESUS.COM address in your email signature at the bottom.

Your email will  always come from your original email address, you just have to change what people see (like the "reply to" address) on your emails that you send out.  For example, I use Netscape Communicator and when I go up to the "edit" file at the top of the screen, I go down to "preferences", click on "mail&groups", then "identity". Then I can put in the email information everyone sees. My email still comes from my original account, but everyone else sees my alias as the reply to address.

Your browser or email program may be different than that. You may have to go to the "help" file (normally at the top of the screen) and see if you can find out how there. Main Page | Member's Only | Email Help | FAQ | News | Contact

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