A pair of our white wedding doves
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A two bird heart box release Releasing white doves at a wedding or other special event has been traditional throughout the world for centuries. These beautiful and graceful birds possess a powerful instinct to return home, and when released at weddings and special events they will soar into the air and then fly back to their lofts where they are housed, fed and cared for.

Our birds are especially well cared for and will fly home from almost any location in the Orlando, Florida area. Our professional handler, formerly with the Disney pigeon loft, has been training and releaseing birds safely and successfully for 30 years.

Releasing the birds by hand
You can choose to hire up to twenty birds, as your particular needs require or you desire. We will release the birds for you, or where special handleing is desired during an event (such as the wedding couple releasing the birds themselves), our expert handler will provide personal instruction for the proper holding and release of these gentle birds.

A dove release can be used as a "surprise" gift by friends of the bride and groom, or it can be a nice touch for married couples renewing their vows, who might have missed on something this unique the first time around.

We can release them at a birthday party, quinceanera or other special celebration, such as graduation, job promotion, anniversary, etc. Ideas for the release of doves are as numerous as your imagination can conceive!

A flock release from our large heart box

Whatever the occasion, a white dove release is sure to make it even more memorable. Our prices are very reasonable. So if you are planning a wedding or other special event in the Orlando area, and you would like it to be something beautifully unique that will be remembered forever by all involved, why not consider a "Central Florida White Dove" release? Call or e-mail us for information today.

Please note: We do not release our birds during inclement weather (thunderstorms), at night, or from inside of buildings. If your event occurs in the late afternoon our birds need enough daylight time to return to the loft, an hour or so before dusk - this depends on the distance from the release back to the loft. Money will be refunded if weather becomes unsuitable for a release. Thank you for understanding.

Please email or call for prices (Be sure to let us know where the wedding or event will be held. If your location is not in our release range, we can refer you to someone who does releases in your area):

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Or Call:

Michael Cockrell
Phone: 407 484 3699

A hand release at Cypress Grove Park

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