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This site is intended to be an eclectic collection of information about Christianity, along with information about various corners of the internet and some useful products.

We seek to provide information for the edification of Christians and for shining forth the light of Jesus unto the world.

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Here is the start of a Bible summary study:

A Brief Look at the Bible

Here is the first of what I hope will become a large collection of miscellaneous bible studies, this one on the subject of the use of the number "ten thousand" as an indication of the magnitude of God's blessing or cursing: :

Symbolic use of the number ten thousand

An archive of a daily Bible study (under construction)

Here is a Bible study on Noah:

God's Annointing on Noah

Beginning of an outline of New Testament history:

New Testament Book Info (introduction only so far)

Information from the Angelfire UNTOTHELORD site:
Some of the information is being added to the current site with the permission of the author. The new pages are still in development at this time. You may be interested in viewing the original site at:

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